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Armstrong, Clarion, Indiana, Jefferson




Anyone can now renew their membership online at

Legion Extension Institute available online

The American Legion’s official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation’s largest veterans service organization is now available online:

There is a new feature called ""

"" is a website designed to connect members of The American Legion to their Post and Department leadership, other veterans with similar interests, and the vast array of services offered at every level of the organization

To access, click on the
"" tab in the upper right hand corner of this website, and follow instructions



Department Phone Number: (717) 730-9100
Hours of Operation: 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time
(to reach anyone at Dept, call the number above & ask for the person or ask for the subject you wish to discuss)

Irene Gangaware - Membership Supervisor

Debbie - for District hats

National Phone Number: (317) 630-1200

Libby - ALPOP/AIM or Direct Line (317) 860-3104


SUPPLEMENTAL CHARTERS - The process is rather simple

1. Get incorporated
    a. If your post is Post 123, it needs to be Post 123, Inc
    b. Fill out 3 page incorporation application
    c. Type up attachment
    d. Send application, attachment, & fee $125 to Corporation Bureau

2. Get new EIN number
    a. Call 1-800-829-4933
    b. They will ask you a couple questions about your post
         (1) Note: You are a Veterans Service Organization
         (2) Note: You are non-profit
         (3) Note: Reason for new EIN: Incorporation
    c. In about 5 minutes they will give you a new EIN number

3. Fill out application for supplemental charter (in Triplicate)
    a. Send application, inclusion letter, & Certificate of Incorporation (from State) to Pa Dept Hqs


If you need forms, call Department (717) 730-9100, ask for Irene, request the Supplemental Charter forms

If you need help filling out the forms, call Chris at (724) 465-4961

Legionnaire Insurance Trust
As a Legionnare in good standing, you're now entitled to LegionCare; up to $5000.00 in NO COST Accidential Death Benefits. You cannot be turned down. For details and to apply/register, go to or call 1-800-235-6943

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