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POST NEWS - Cont'd

Post 454 Rimersburg
Rimersburg Veterans Memorial Museum

THE WINNERS of the 2013 American Legion Essay Contest for Senior High Students of Union High School in Rimersburg were recently recognized on Feb 13 during a school wide assembly.  Seated (Left to Right) Carly Simpson (2nd place), Aaron Graham (1st place), Sarah Early (3rd place).  These three students wrote the best of twenty three essays submitted on the question.  “Should the Supreme Court be Appointed or Elected?”  Participating in this program were Shearer-Shick Post 454 American Legion Rimersburg, PA (Left to Right) Bryce Cahill, Mel Resinger, Larry Ireland, and Post Commander Terry Custer.



THE WINNERS of the Pennsylvania American Legion 7th-8th Grade Essay Contest from Union High School-Junior High.  (Left to Right) Emily Buzard (2nd place), Brandon Kaefer (3rd place), Kolby Montgomery (1st place).  This year’s topic was “How do we support our local veterans and their families?”  Participating in this program were Shearer-Shick Post 454 American Legion Rimersburg, PA (Left to Right) Bryce Cahill, Larry Ireland, Mel Resinger, and Post Commander Terry Custer.



THE WINNERS of 2013 American Legion Essay Contest for Union High School students in Rimersburg, PA were recently recognized on Feb 13, 2013 during a school wide assembly.

Seated (Left to Right) are Senior High students Carly Simpson (2nd place), Sarah Early (3rd place) and Aaron Graham (1st place). These three had the best of twenty three essays submitted on the question "SHOULD THE SUPREME COURT BE APPOINTED OR ELECTED?"

Junior High winners were (Left to Right) Emily Buzard (2nd place), Brandon Kaefer (3rd place), Kolby Montgomery (1st place). This year's topic was "HOW CAN WE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES?"

Participating in the assembly from Shearer-Shick Post 454 American Legion Rimersburg, PA (Left to Right) Bryce Cahill, Larry Ireland, Mel Resinger, and Post Commander Terry Custer.



WINNERS of the American Legion Essay Contest Assembly from the 6th Grade Class of Rimersburg Elementary School were presented awards. Pictured (Left to Right) Front Row: Marli Hawk (3rd place), Jaida Zitzman (2nd place),  Elizabeth Gruver (1st place), Back Row: Bryce L. Cahill, Larry Ireland, Terry L. Custer (Commander Post 454)

The American Legion Essay contest was for 6th grade students. The topic/title of this year's essay was "How can we support our local veterans and their families?" All essays had to be no less than 500 words and no more than 1,000 words. The essays were judged on Proper English structure, Accuracy, Extent of information and Originality. The essays were judged by American Legion members from the Shearer-Shick Post 454 in Rimersburg, PA. An assembly was held on Thursday January 31, 2013 to announce the winners of the essay contest at Rimersburg Elementary. All eighteen students that participated were given a certificate of appreciation from the Post 454.


Post Commander Terry Custer accepting Post Commander of the Year Award


Rachael Kindel accepting Educator of the Year Award








Post 488 Bradys Bend


Post 493 Homer City

The Homer City American Legion recently installed new officers.

Pictured are, front row, from left, Art Cochran, executive board member; Chris Kough, District 27 deputy commander/installing officer for the evening; and Scott Gordon, finance officer; back row, Greg Fletcher, post commander; Mike Steffee, adjutant; and John Mester, first vice commander.

Charles Sickles, chaplain, and Don Brown, sergeant-at-arms, were absent from the photo.


New officers were also installed for the Homer City Sons of the American Legion.

Pictured are, from left, Lou Hilliard, chaplain; Robbie Bokash, second vice commander; Kirk Kunkle, first vice commander; Mike McHenry, adjutant; and James Miller, historian. Brian Dean, commander; Mike Good, finance officer; and Dave Kelly, sergeant-at-arms, were absent from the photo.

The Ladies Auxiliary at the Homer City American Legion also installed new officers.

They are, from left, Anna Mae Pinizzotto, chaplain; Helen Bartek, president; and Ruth Lydick, secretary/treasurer. Phyllis Clark, vice president, and Diane Doyle, sergeant-at-arms, were absent from the photo.


New officers at the Homer City American Legion Post 493 Legion Riders Firebase 493 are, front row, from left, Brian Dean, road captain; Rene Simms, secretary; Larry Baumann-Spear, vice president; Doug Stiffler, president. Back row, Jesse Simms, assistant road captain, and Chuck Sickles, chaplain and service officer. Treasurer Carol Catob was absent from the photo.


Homer City American Legion Post 493 recently held a dinner honoring members with membership of 50 years or more.

Honorees in attendance included, front row, from left, John Rumbaugh, 66 years; Joseph Novak, 61 years; Edmond Lorelli, 53 years; Clyde Silveri, 52 years; Charles Sickles, post chaplain and emcee of the event; second row: Angelo Lorelli, 50 years; Paul Sutton, 66 years; Art Cochran, 60 years; Gilbert Jones, 61 years; Reno Garonzi, 50 years; Brenda Stormer, head of the Veterans Affairs Office of Indiana County.

Also honored but absent from the photo were William Bracken, 66 years; Thomas Campisano, 57 years; Donald Cipollini, 51 years; Robert Ciranni, 59 years; Ronald Higgins, 52 years; William Hill, 51 years; Harold Housholder, 61 years; Andrew Kokolis, 50 years; Julius Silveri, 51 years; James Ulicny, 56 years; Carl Yarchak, 62 years; John Zias, 58 years.


Post 523 Rural Valley


WEST SHAMOKIN: Program honors veterans

West Shamokin Senior High student council members Tori Lowry, Elle Gandolfi, Nicole Hough, Haley McCausland, Courtney Horner and Kyle McElwain cut bread in preparation for the Veterans Day luncheon in the family consumer science kitchen.

Mandy Blake enjoyed a Veterans Day lunch with her daughter-in-law, Sgt. Jennifer Blake, of the Army National Guard.


RURAL VALLEY -- On Friday, Nov. 9, West Shamokin High School honored the United States veterans in their area.

Numerous servicemen and -women came to the school and shared their experiences with students and staff alike. Each veteran had their own classroom full of students and gave two presentations. When the presentations were over, everyone in the building gathered in the auditorium where the heroes of our nation were given the recognition they deserved with performances from the band and the chorus, individual recognition of each service person who was in attendance, as well as the announcement of family members of students and staff who are currently serving. The day was a huge success.

When asked what Veterans Day meant to him, Assistant Principal Joe Treglia said, "To me it is about honoring our veterans, past and present, for serving our country."

This is a day that means a lot to several of the faculty members at West Shamokin.

"My mother and father are both veterans of Vietnam. That is how they actually met. So in a way if they hadn't been a part of the war, I wouldn't be here," said Kim Swank of the English department.

For Shawn Smith, a student history teacher, it is personal because he has at least four close friends in Afghanistan right now.

Mandy Blake, science teacher and student council adviser, takes on the task of planning this event each year. She has been doing it for the last four years. She starts brainstorming ideas for the program a year in advance, but the actual work for the program begins in September and includes lunch preparation such as ordering food and sending out requests and notices for veterans to participate. The band, chorus and TV production class are asked to plan their part in the program.

Senior high student council and the advisers, the family consumer science teachers, former secretary Mary Koma, and, of course, the veterans themselves all offer up ideas for next year's program. When asked why it is so important to her personally, she stated that she feels a need to recognize the importance of our servicemen and -women because she has a daughter-in-law enlisted and other friends and family members that have been directly impacted by the importance of enlisting.

Some of the veterans told about the things that inspired them to join the service, what they liked the most about it, how it changed them, etc.

Bruce Bly joined the United States Navy because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life. He said, "It was an experience that changed me for the better, and it satisfied my sense of patriotic duty."

Gerald A. Duncan of the United States Navy said that he loved the fact that the service was not the kind of experience that you can buy, but he disliked being away from home for so long.

Betty Calhoun was recruited to be a nurse during Vietnam wartime. She always feared for the men going out to battle, but she said that as a whole, it was an experience like no other.

The veterans were grateful for the event, and the students and staff, along with the rest of America, are grateful for them.

We celebrate our veterans for the unfathomable sacrifice they all have made. We thank those who are alive, and remember those we have lost. The things they have suffered through have made our lives better. We thank them for everything they have done and we are forever grateful to them.


Post 582 Rossiter
John Mack accepting Commander of the Year Award


Post 598 Parker


Post 631 Kiski/Apollo


Post 636 Foxburg


Post 720 Knox


Post 775 Schenley


Post 828 Worthington


Post 918 Elderton
Commander James E. Fleming Post 918 presented Charles Foster with a 60-year continuous membership certificate from the National Headquarters at a Post Meeting in February. Standing, from left, are Fleming, Foster, Donald Rupert, John Cooper, Donald Boyer, Ralph Burkett and Leroy Gress. Seated is Wendell Davis.

Don Rupert, 83, of Elderton served in the U.S. Army as a military policeman during the Korean War.He is pictured visiting his great-grandfather’s grave at Mount Union Cemetery in Plumcreek.



Post 936 Heilwood


Post 995 Dayton
Post 997 Lamertine
Post 997 held its Annual Award/Birthday Dinner to honor 60 year members and Essay Winners. Shown left to right: Cmdr Ed Lewis, 60 year recipients, Essay 4th Grade Sadie Lewis, Essay 7th Grade Heath Lewis, Essay 9th Grade Blake Lewis, Essay 12th Grade Samantha Beel
Shown left to right: Essay Winners, Birthday Cake, District 27 Commander Ted Minich & wife Sally, Western Section Adjutant Chris Kough & wife Anna, Chris Kough - Speaker for the evening.


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